Collaborative Storage Applications

Integrate active storage to support organization in your collaborative and meeting spaces


People working together need spaces that support casual chats, impromptu meetings, and creative sessions. This shared, standing-height work station features a rectangular surface with space for up to six people on one side, and a rounded surface for two on the other.  Shelves and cubbies keep tools and inspirational items out of the way but within easy reach.


The water cooler of the modern office. A place where people can gather for casual chats, impromptu meetings and social functions. This standing-height work station is a good spot to stop and work for a few hours while standing or sitting.  The storage cabinets face the shared work space for access to reference materials and mid-term archiving.


This standing-height work station perfect spot for a team or individuals to gather for light work, whether mobile workers needing a place to work for a few hours, or permanent workers looking for a temporary alternative to their usual workspace.  The storage cabinets are perfect for project-based reference materials and mid-term archiving. 

work wall

By intersecting work surfaces with long-term storage, this configuration balances public and private accessibility to create a workspace that supports focused work styles. The work wall can be set up in singles or in multiples to create long runs that delineate large spaces.